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Our Learn to Swim programme runs on Mondays & Wednesdays at Langford, and during our Family Friday Session at Aquasplash. We usually take children from 4yrs but if they are younger and can understand a class situation, we are happy to give them an opportunity to learn to swim earlier. Our lessons are run in stages and swimmers will progress through from one to the next. This may mean changing times as they improve but we do try to offer a good selection of all stages at as many times as possible. All swimmers have an opportunity to remain with the same teacher throughout LTS. If you are interested in placing your child in one of our sessions - please download, complete and email all of the forms below and send to Carole at

Stage 1 STARFISH. Up to 3 swimmers per group, sometimes less.

Half hour lessons.

StarFish are non-swimmers. Within this group we will focus on achieving confidence and movement without the use of floatation aids. We promote a flat body position from the start, with swimmers encouraged to put their faces in to blow bubbles. We work on a good kicking technique from the start too, which will help them progress at a quicker rate as they move on to full stroke work. 

There are five Starfish stages, keeping groups smaller but increasing as swimmers become more capable and begin to learn and practice lane etiquet. However, Starfish 5 will have no more than five swimmers per session. Not all children go through all stages - some can jump quickly up, some take their time. We judge each child individually at all levels.

Stage 2 GOBYFISH. 6 swimmers per group.

Half hour lessons.
This is what we call the 'Beginner' stage. Swimmers entering this stage should be able to: Float and kick on their backs - and return to a standing position. Float and kick with a float, flat on their fronts - and be able to put face down (understand blowing and ‘lifting’ to breathe). Have knowledge of and practiced dolphin kick. Have basic arm movements in three, sometimes four strokes. All these skills will then be developed over the greater distance - greater technique instruction will be given and they will begin work on Breast stroke when the teacher feels they are ready to. They will begin to look closer at arm action in all strokes and begin to coordinate their strokes more efficiently.

Stage 3 GOLDFISH. 6 swimmers per group.

Half hour lessons.
This is our Improver Stage - and it does exactly what it says it does... it improves on what we have already put in place. Swimmers entering this stage should be able to: Swim back crawl, with a good flat body, roll hips and shoulders, rotate arms, and maintain a good kick. Swim front crawl with bi-lateral breathing - good arm rotation with whole arms out of water, understand pull-push underwater, and maintain a good strong kick at top of pool. Be developing a competitive breaststroke kick and small arm pulls - understanding the coordination in this stroke. Swim lengths of dolphin kick with a float and be attempting butterfly arms in full stroke. All of these skills will be practiced and improved during this stage.

Stage 4 MARLINS. 8 swimmers per group.

Half hour lessons.
Swimmers entering this stage should be fairly competent with good ability and understanding in four strokes. Increasing work-load, and investigating stroke technique more intensly. These swimmers will be guided towards taking part in club competition.


One Hour session.

Most swimmers in this group have progressed here because they have developed a good technical style that is ideal for competition. This session operates on Wednesday evenings from 5.30pm to 6.30pm with Tricia and looks very closely at improving technique in a good competitive style, over increased distances in order to prepare them to move on to Dolphins - our first competitive stage.

Young swimmers in Learn to Swim or those arriving from other teaching or competitive programmes, who wish to move on in to our competitive swimming, should attend this session for either an initial assessment before moving to Dolphins, or for further technique work until they are ready to move.

Please complete all Forms below

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If you wish to be part of our amazing club please complete a JSC Membership Form together with the relevant individual application form. ie: First Splash, Learn to Swim, Dolphins, Competitive, Youth Fitness, Adults or Masters. Plus a Standing Order form. All paperwork should be brought to your first session, if this has been arranged or posted to our office address (below). 

Mrs Carole Penfold MBE

JSC President


PO Box 835

St Helier



Telephone: 07797 735499



Enquiries regarding Swimming Lessons contact Tricia Barrett:


Enquiries regarding Dolphin, Junior & Senior Squads, Comp info & entries contact Ailie Paterson:



JSC 2022 Junior Application Form
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